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The Madeleine Choir School, a mission of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City and a service of the Cathedral of the Madeleine, is an elementary school for children in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight. Established in 1996, the school continues the cathedral tradition of preparing young people to engage the culture with the Catholic intellectual, artistic, moral and religious tradition. The Choir School pursues rigorous academic curricula in the humanities, mathematics and sciences, and the arts.

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  • Pope Francis: "Please Stop!"

    Pope Francis: "Please Stop!" A tragic first post on the one-hundredth anniversary of the start of hostilities in World War One. Here follows our Holy Father's message today:Dear Brothers and Sisters,Tomorrow marks the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War,[…]

  • Back to the Beach

    Back to the Beach After a very long hiatus and a only brief reappearance, the blog will be in vacation mode again until 18 July. I am going back to my roots in Grays Harbor County on the Pacific coast, enjoying the fog, cold[…]

  • The Comfortable Words

    The Comfortable Words We continue our reading from St. Matthew’s Gospel each Sunday this year, and this Sunday’s Gospel Reading for the Fourteenth Sunday is of particular beauty. Matthew 11:25-30 is a well-known passage of scripture, especially the text that begins at verse[…]

  • America, who are we?

    America, who are we? This week has been a week of very significant anniversaries for our nation. Today, the fourth of July, we celebrate Independence Day, recalling the events that marked the beginning of an armed struggle that would eventually provide the colonists of[…]


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